21 Day Soft Challenge

Today I started a 21 Day weight loss challenge. This challenge consists of 21 days straight with no cheat days, 45 min workout, drinking a gallon of water daily, 30 mins of quiet time, and 1 act of self love each day. I will take progress pictures and compare them when the challenge is complete. I got the idea on  the weightloss side of Tik Tok. I have a few facebook friends that have joined me. Its all a mental war and its something I feel like I need to do for myself. There is one called 75 Days hard challenge and my goal is to eventually finish that one. Baby steps though.

As far as work goes, we have been doing a ton of professional development and having lots of extra time in our classrooms. I am thankful for that but its still hard to think about all those other teachers who don’t have to come back till next week. Oh and I survived my 1st week away from my Piper girl. She did way better than her Momma. She is getting so big! I hope you all have a wonderful week! Be blessed!

What Will My School Year Look Like?

This was my first week back in the classroom. Our school district decided to push our start date from Aug 20th, to Sep. 8th. Yet, for my program to keep its federal funding us teachers had to start back this week. It makes no sense to me though. We will be in class for a month without students. I hate that they have to find us things to do to keep us busy. We wont even get our roles until the first week in September. I am thankful for my jon, but Id much rather be at home with my baby still.

We have been told that there are going to be some major changes througout our school and the district. We won’t be having lunch or breakfast in the lunchroom. We can only leave our classroom to go to the bathroom and to the playground at our appointed time. On a normal year we would have as much as 20 students, this year they are only giving us 12. We will have to clean and sanatize multiple times a day. Im hoping that things settle down once we get the students. Its the not knowing that makes things hard to imagine.

On a lighter note I am 7 pounds away from my prebaby weight! Ive been riding the struggel bus a lot lately, but im looking into so diffrent challenges to complete that can help me stay entertained and motivated.

Being away from Piper everyday is no fun, but at the same time it has done us both some good. Im praying that when we get into a more natural routine then things will feel better.

What are some goals that you have set for yourself in this new school year?



We Shall Be Free!

On my walk today I took my jams back to old school Garth. I haven’t heard this song in years. It was released in 1992. People that was 28 years ago!! We couldn’t imagine the state our world would be in today. Just take a min and read some of the words. We all need to take a good look at ourselves and realize if we dont have this, there is nothing left.
🎵When the last thing we notice is the color of the skin, and the first thing we look for is the beauty within; when the skies and the oceans are clean again, then we shall be free. When we are free to love anyone we choose, when the worlds big enough for all different views, when we all call worship from our own kind of pew, then we shall be free!!!🎵

Even Though

This afternoon I have been an emotional mess. We got word today that our school district was going to vote next week on the idea to push our start date back until September 8th. I’m all for that, except we were also told that we would have to work for 4 weeks without children. It is going to be so hard to leave my baby. Yes I’ve had a solid 5 months with her, but she dosen’t really know life without me. Our weekend get away was super hard to do. I had some sad moments and my anxiety got the best of me a few times. This is going to be something new for both of us.

I’m sure once I get going and get a routine for both of us established then everyting will be fine. Until then I’m going to try my best to enjoy the time I do have with her.

Small Town Girl Like Me

This weekend me and my husband went on our first adult only beach trip. It was made up of the things we have only dreamed about sice becoming parents. We really enjoyed ourselves, yet were super excited to get back home to our babies.

We spent Friday at a place called Shipwreck Island. Its a water park where you can get these awesom frozen drinks and then float on a lazy river for hours. I took full advantage of this perk. Afterwards we went to dinner at a place right on the beach called Sharkeys. It was super good and had an amazing enviroment.

On Saturday we went and enjoyed all the bonus points of staying in a condo. That included pool life with life entertainment and a pool side Tiki hut. That was so relaxing and we both enjoyed ourselves to the fullest and got some good vittamine D. Later we went to a reasturant called Salty Sallys. I had some bomb pulled briskit.

Yesterday we enjoyed some good food and fun at Dave and Busters followed by some shopping.

I am determind to make it a point to take more trips like this in the future. I only have this week off and then Iwill go back to school. That is something I am absolutly not looking forward to for many reasons but mainly because that just means ill have to leavemy baby girl. This has by far been the best and worst last five months of my life. I am so thankful that she is happy, healthy, and thriving. I am going to miss our morning snuggles and can’t wait to be able to enjoy those again. I honestly give it a month before schools will be closed down again, but that is another post in itself.


I hope you are all doing well and remember to count your blessings!


LaBrandas Journey Pt1

I wont smile for you and tell you a hard workout will make it all better.

I wont smile for you and say theres nothing a hard workout cant fix.

I wont smile for you and tell you losing weight made my life perfect.

Today I wont be taking a sweaty smiling selfie and feeling great.

But I’ll show up for this workout. I’ll show up for myself. Ill show up and share with you this…

This workout wont change the fact that I’ve been really dreading going back to school and leaving baby girl. It wont change the fear I have of catching something and bringing it back to her or my Mom. It wont stop my tears. It wont numb the pain. It wont cure the world of any of its problems.

It will keep me on track though. It will remind me of why I choose to make even healthier choices when dealing with stress. It will clear that brain fog that keeps telling me to down my sorrows in the 2 full boxes of ice cream in the freezer. It wont solve my problems no but it wont add more problems onto my plate.

When you’re in a hole and it feels dark and alone and you hear the comfort foods whispering deep within dont be tempted to dig that hole deeper chasing a phantom of false comfort in the form of sugary or processed food distractions.

No this workout wont make this easier but it will make me stronger and that’s just what a good workout is intended to do…so today I will not smile for you because today is hard but I know one day I’ll look back and smile at my own strength and that’s the smile I look forward to sharing with you.

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Im Sorry That I Let You Down

I think about how after all these years i’ve let myself go. Ive ignored all the signs that my I needed to change my habits. Instead i’ve learned that I need to change my life. Im back on track with my keto lifestyle. I’m happy to say I’ve lost 28 pounds since the day I had Piper. I haerd this song the other day and thought it was something perfect that I could say to myself. I let myself down for so long, but not anymore.

Dear LaBranda,
I feel like we are on the edge right now. I wish that I could say im pround. Im sorry that I let you down, all these voices in my head get loud. I wish that I could shut them out.
Yeah, I guess im a disappointment, Im doing everything that I can. I dont want to make you disappointed, it’s annoying. I can do better watch me, I wont be like this for long.

Love, LaBranda

What They Don’t Tell You About Death

What they don’t tell you about death is that although the person’s soul is gone, their material belongings remain behind. I say all this to say, get you people that will help you do the hard stuff. I was dreading this part but thanks to a sweet angel I didn’t have to be faced with it alone.

I’m trying to look pass the sadness and think of the perfect plan God has for my family.

Part of me felt like I was wiping him away like he never existed. But I was reminded today that the memories will always be here, even if his things are not.

Love the ones he gave you while you can, because one day he will want them back.

Fly High Marko

My heart is broken today. Well it has been for the last 4 days. Our cousin Mark that has lived with us since last July, suddenly passed away last week. He was a super amazing guy, who had so much love to give. I pray that one day my son will be half the awesome man of God that he was. I will be a better person just from knowing him. I have no doubt about his eternal home. My flesh is so sad, yet my faith reminds me that he is no longer suffering like he did in his earthly body. I’m sure that his Momma and Mema were so happy to see him. Rest easy dude,I hope you meet some pretty angels.

I’ve only lost one other person close to me before. But I have never lost someone who lived with me everyday. That is the hardest part. I see him all over the house. I half expect him to be just in the bathroom or taking a nap. I convenced my boys to rearrange the living room so that everytime I walked out of my bedroom, I wouldnt look at the spot on the couch that he sat on day in and day out.

I am feeling super guilty because I wasn’t able to help him or convince him to do what the doctor said to help him get better. I know he was a grown man but thats hard for me to just let others deal. I try to take everyone elses issues and make them my own. I am in the deepest vally right now when I should be on the highest mountain.


You are not Alone

Friends, I would like to encourage you today that if you are in a dark place, weather it be grief, or you are lost lonely and depressed and you feel so low and dont see how things can ever get better, get yourself somewhere private. My favorite place is my car, then turn on your favorite praise and worship music and praise God. Sometimes it’s hard to talk to him but I promise he knows your heart. Often times music can help us get our feelings out of our hearts and into God’s hands. He has already been where you are and knows the pain you are in. Please know that in addition to this my inbox is always open. Even if I don’t know you like that I am here and this is a judge free zone. I believe God has given me the gift of empathy and I plan to use it for his glory. I love you all! Here is a list of my favorite ones that you can google.
😇”I will Rise” By Chris Tomlin
😇 “In the Eye of the Storm” By Ryan Stevenson
😄 “Good Good Father” By Chris Tomlin
😇 ” Strong Tower” By Kutless
😄 “Your Love Never Fails” By News Boys.