Note to self

Ok America, this is going to be a long post but I woke up with this on my mind so bear with me as I feel God put this on my heart to share it with you. Sooo here goes.

I have a few people in my life that have gone through so many trials and tribulations lately. Some are so extremely horrible that it’s hard to digest. And for anyone that knows me knows that by nature I’m a fixer. I take other people’s problems and make them my own and do everything in my power to make things better for those I love. I absolutely hate seeing someone I love hurt. But the thing is God uses these things to remind me that some things are bigger than me and are not meant for me to carry on my own. It takes times like these to make me see how big and merciful our God is! These testing of faith are not in vain. I have to stop trying to play God and give them to him. Only then will things start working in his plan.

A statement was made the other day that stuck with me. Since then I’ve prayed and read my Bible to try and find an answer and I feel like I understand a little better and I hope this reaches someone else who is hurting and facing a storm.

Does God punish us for our sins? Are the trials of our lives a result of the bad decisions we have made past or present? How could a God who is known for his love and mercy cause such horrible things to happen in our lives? How can he expect one person to endure so much pain and suffering?

First of all, Jesus has already suffered and paid for ALL of our sins. That’s past, present and future. Now that does not mean that we can run around doing whatever we want and not worry about anything because we know our debt has already been paid. It just means that we can remind the devil when he puts those thoughts into our minds that since so many bad things have occurred that we must really be bad people and that God has given up on us. That is a LIE. God never gives up on his children! His love endures forever! Yet since we are his children God will chastise us. Just like any good and loving earthy Father would do for his children. Not to hurt us but to discipline, shape, mold, and grow us in the process of confirming us to the likeness of Christ.

In addition to being chastised, I believe that God will test us as well. I feel like I am tested one way or the other every single day. Some days I’m armed with my armor of God, and some days I’m not and I fail miserably. Most tests from God are purely mental. You can let that one little lie from the devil to enter and then that turns into something else and so forth. But, we have to be prepared to shut that old devil up and proclaim in the name of JESUS that the devil is a lie.

If God is auditing and challenging you, his intentions are for you to grow, rise to the occasion and prayfull you thank, praise, and seek HIS guideance through his word. Ask for forgiveness, and seek his purpose for what you are going through.

I know that in my own trying times, looking back, it was always for my good even if I didn’t see how. He loves us beyond measure and desires for us to be in a strong relationship with HIM through Christ. Please let’s pray for those who we love that are facing difficulties right now and that God puts his hands all over it. That he can give them the ultimate peace that only he can give.

Lastly let’s pray for our Nation that was founded on Biblical values. That not matter what happens in this upcoming election that his love and protection be surrounding America! We should have no fear for God is with us, after all he has already overcome the world once before and I know he will do it again. Cry out to Jesus America!!

❤️ LaBranda


Talking To God

I saw a post today that really spoke to me. Talk to God even when things are going good! Someone tell me I’m not the only one who has this problem.

I wake up every morning with the best of intentions to spend time with him. I’ve fallen short way too many times. It’s when things are bad that I spend the most consistent time with him.

God I pray you fix my eyes back on you. Even and especially when things are going good. I often find myself trying to rush a conversation with you when I know I need to stop all outside distraction and literally just be in your presence. Thanks for working on my Husband and getting us both mentally prepared to get back in church. We both know it’s time. God I love you and I need you. Keep me focused on you. I’m so sorry that I have failed you again. Please forgive me for my lazyness bc that what it boils down to.

I need you even when im counting down till Thanksgiving break! When I think back to how bad things were this time last year. Now here I am with all my dreams coming true and I’ve put you on the back burner of my life ..again. Help me Lord!

❤️ LaBranda

In Eye of the Storm

Greetings and good wishes to all in WordPress land!! I haven’t been on in awhile. School started back and Elijah has been playing his last season of Pee-wee football. 😔 (I’ll save that topic for a future post!)

I wanted to share with you all what has been going on here in South Alabama the last week. On Wednesday, October 10, our area was hit by a massive category 4 hurricane. We are so blessed to be alive and well. Power was out for almost 4 days; it’s still out in some areas. I confess that I was feeling very sorry for myself the first couple of days, then as I ventured out into my little town of Cottonwood Alabama I began to feel so ashamed. He was feeling blah bc I was hot and tired and right in my own back yard are people I’ve known most of my life that don’t even have a home to go to. They lost everything!!! I can’t fathom what that would be like.

This is the tree that fell on my Mom’s apartment. Thank goodness she didn’t get hurt!

A tree down in our yard. It was nothing compared to what was around us!

These were some trees in front of the school.

Through it all I’m so amazed at how much our town has pulled together to love on and help one another get things as close to normal as possible.

It’s just a reminder that even in the eye of a storm, HE remains in control! Here are a few pics of our town. Please continue to pray for those who have lost it all. The ones who don’t even know if their loved ones made it out or not. Everyone who has been touched by this natural disaster. Be blessed!!

❤️ – LaBranda

Be Strong

Today was supposed to be that day…but some day soon you will see the God’s reasoning behind this little detour.

Be strong in the Lord and,
Never give up hope,
You’re going to do great things,
I already know,
God’s got His hand on you so,
Don’t live life in fear,
Forgive and forget,
But don’t forget why you’re here,
Take your time and pray.
I want to tell you,
That I keep on praying,
Love will find you where you are,
I know cause I’ve already been there.
From one simple life to another,
I will say,
Come find peace in the Father.
I 💚 you @o_kate1

Where Did My Summer Go??

Well folks, my first adult summer is about over. On Monday I’ll get up and get back out into the real world. 😙

This summer was so great! We went on a few adventures, we ate when we wanted, slept when we wanted, and more times than I can count we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning doing whatever our hearts desired. For Eli that meant all night Netflix, and for me it was reading until I couldn’t hold my eyes open.

I have to say that the most productive part of my summer was getting my mind back in a healthy frame. I have learned to focus on how my mind thinks which makes my body feel better. I’m back into the low carb world and I plan to stay there forever! I am learning to focus on one thing at a time, and then adding new healthy habits along the way.

After I got my mind right, I then I focused on my nutrition. I’ve been doing tons of research and I’ve discovered the joy of meat!! Yes meat! Protein, protein, and more protein. This lifestyle dose not have to be complicated. It can be as simple as you can make it be.

Next, I experimented with intermittent fasting. This process helped me to truly be in control of my eating habits. Most days I don’t eat anything until 1-2 pm. Then I’ll have a nice snack of protein and have a healthy dinner. My goal each day is to not eat anything else after 8pm. It hasn’t been too difficult since i like to sleep in. The real challenge will be when I start back to work and I’m taking my class to breakfast and lunch. But, all I can do is take it one day at a time.

It’s been 8 weeks and as of this morning I’ve lost a total of 19.2 pounds. May I add that all this was done without too much physical activity! Im determined to stick with it.

Here are a few of my meals that I made to keep me going.

I broke my 19 hour fast today with these easy 4 eggs and 4 sausage. I couldn’t even eat it all…

This was my dinner night before last. Two baked chicken breast, broccoli, mixed peppers and some mozerella cheese.

Simple cheese egg scramble

Taco bowl loaded with cheese!

Leftover taco meat thrown in a 🥗

A steak smothered in provalone and fresh mushrooms.

Cream cheese pancakes and eggs with sausage.

This was a snack that I literally just threw together. It’s cherry tomatoes, ranch, provalone and salt and pepper.

I hope you all have an amazing new school year!

💚 LaBranda

New to Me

To those of you who just started following me, I wanted to catch y’all up on a few of my new to me things.

My husband and I bought my Mother in laws house after she passed away last year. It’s the house him and his brother grew up in. We have been slowly doing a few home improvementa here and there as money has allowed.

My Mom and I went out of town this past weekend and found a few amazing thrift store finds.

These are my before and afters of my large window in the living room.

I love it! We also got some dark blinds to go on the french doors in the dining room.

I absolutely can’t wait till we can finish painting the living room and put down new floors. It’s so exciting! Be blessed WordPress friends!