Summing it up!

It has for sure been a very busy last few days on my home front. Saturday I went and helped some old bosses of mine do a ministry out reach for some of the foster families in our area. These two ladies are onto something big. They are working on putting together a retreat called Hope Ranch which will be a place where foster children of Houston County can go and enjoy some free time. More on this development later.

Sunday I cleaned my house and worked on laundry. That night we went to a friend’s house and watched that boring Super Bowl. 😴

Monday was definitely a manic Monday!! My class was wild and we got very little accomplished as a group.

Some of my little cuties!!!

Tuesday was our 100th day of school!! Some of the kids dressed up like they were 100 years old. We celebrated by making 100 pink and red construction paper links, which we hung around the classroom. They will be used as decorations for our Valentine’s party next week. 💟 We also made 100 days of schools crowns and had 100 fruit loops for snack. The best thing is that means we only have 87 more school days left!! YES!! I can see the light! FYI we have 38 more work days till Spring Break!!!

Notice my twins??????

Today might has well been a Monday. I woke up some time in the middle of the night to discover that my FitBit arm band had broken. I quickly ordered me a new one but ive felt so naked all day. Thankfully it should be here by Friday. This time I ordered a set of three different ones. I am so glad that didn’t happen during the day or I would have lost the whole thing and been so sad.

On top of that, the screen on my phone has been messing up and today it finally bit the dust. So ive been frustrated about that as well.

My soon to be 13 year old has had problems with getting his chores done around the house lately. I don’t know if its bc baseball season has started again or what but last night I had had enough. For the past 3 weeks I have paid him $10 if he completes his chore chart by Friday night. Last week I gave him until Sunday night since he didnt feel well on Friday or Saturday. Sunday he was here all day and played around and only got a few things marked off of his list. So guess who hasn’t gotten paid? Well last night I cooked a nice dinner even though I was exhausted. I asked him 4 times before I went to bed to please wash up those few dishes in the sink before he went to bed. He kept telling me he would. Low and behold I wake up this morning and nothing I asked him to do was done. So I informed him as he was walking to the bathroom when he first woke up that bc he failed to do his job that he was grounded and that he need not even worry about taking his phone to school today. No tv, no game and no phone until he can start showing me he is ready for that responsibility. I really don’t know what kind of mother he thinks I am. Some days I feel like i’m too hard on him. He is an only child but at the same time I want to teach him responsibility and how to take care of himself. I don’t want him to ever have to rely on ANYONE to take care of him. He honestly would not have survived in my childhood days!!

Well I’m about to have dinner, (he cooked), lol and relax the rest of the night. I am so ready for Friday!!!!

Love, LaBranda


5 thoughts on “Summing it up!

  1. Thank you!! Ive been praying for his teenage years since he was about a year old. We have come to far to stop now..


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