As a New School Year Begins

As a new school year begins here in south Alabama, I would like to take time to reflect on my life lately.

My children have been a joy this summer. They have both made me so proud. Eli decided not long into the summer that instead of playing football this year, he would get a job. Actually he got a few jobs. He worked with his dad some at the cabinet shop, he loaded watermelons, did some yardwork and helped out a lot around the house. It was so tough watching him make these mature grown up decisions. My momma heart was feeling some type of way this past week when they had their first game and my boy wasn’t on the field. I tried not to let him sense the selfish sadness I had but somehow he picked up on it. I think he was aggravated that I was upset. I just had to swiftly remind him that yes I was feeling sad but that did not change the fact that I supported his decision not to play. He has a good head on his shoulders and knows what he wants out of life. At 15 he seems to have things figured out more than most adults. I guess it would be different if he wanted to quit to lay on the couch to play video games. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I’m thankful that is not him.

Piper girl is every bit of her 17 months of bliss. I say that in a way in which is positive. She is running around these days, and when I say running I literally mean running. She rarely walks and its amazing and annoying as well as funny all at the same time. She has the personality of a sour patch kid. So so sweet, then sour, then sweet again. She has a mind of her own and her attitude is bramble of spikes. But she is oh so smart! She has already showed interest in going potty and loves wearing pull ups like a big girl. As long as its her idea like is all sunshine and rainbows.

This past week the kids and I have been in the house on account of Piper’s babysitter and her family getting hit mildly by the covid bug. Thankfully they are all on the mend. I will return to work tomorrow and have meetings with my new parents Monday and Tuesday and then my new students will start on Wed. I’m excited as well as anxious because of working in the district I work in, I never know what I am going to get. I hope all my peeps in WordPress land are doing well. I’m going to try and do better about keeping up and being more active. Im still doing a few classes online for my Bachelors so sometimes I don’t want to look at the computer screen again. Yet, every time I come back it’s like I’ve never left. Be Blessed!!

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