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Hello 2021 Goodbye 2020

I almost did write this post. As we all know 2020 has been one for the birds. I’ve personally gone through some of the scariest moments of my life. The uncertainty of this time has added a lot of extra stress and anxiety to my life. But, in addition to chaos, 2020 brought smiles, giggles, slobber and a little girl that I didnt know I wanted.

Piper will be 10 months old next week. These last 10 months have been rough at moments yet amazing at most. I dont want this post to be filled with the dreadfulness that we have all come to know. If you need any of that look back at my older posts where I talk about my terrible post partum depression.

Usually my New Years posts are filled with reflections, but the only positive reflection I have is Piper ElizabethAnne Jones. And she is something to look forward to as well.

We dont know what 2021 will bring us. If nothing else this year has taught us that. But we do know that whatever it is our Father God will bring us through it.

I pray you all have an amazing New Years eve. We are going to some friends house and have a bonfire and play some games. A little different one again than recent years, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Be Blessed WordPress!

Never Say Never

I was discharged from the hospital last Tuesday, I never thought I would have a baby and then have to leave it behind in the NICU.

They say that chances are that Piper will have to stay in the NICU until her due date, April 6, 2020. I never thought I’d be a NICU Mommy.

I waited the longest 48 hours of my life to finally hold my little girl!

My son turned 14 on Feb 16. I never thought I’d have a baby at my age, less than a month after this particular birthday.

When I had Eli, I guess I was just young, maybe selfish, and uneducated, but I had no interest in breastfeeding or pumping. Now my day my daily routine goes like this. Wake up between 4-5 am. Pump. Eat, check on Piper, look at Facebook, pump. Take a nap, pump. Eat lunch. Pump. Watch TV. Pump. Go see Piper. Pump. Watch TV. Pump. Go to bed just to wake up and do it all over again. And I wouldn’t change it for anything. I feel so helpless seeing her little body in that cold room and I know that all I can do to help her right now is bring her milk every day. I never thought I’d be a breastfeeding/pumping Mommy.

Daddy and his girl!

In the last week, my husband has changed right before my eyes. He went from a laid back child like demeanor to a fierce, gentle, protective Poppa Bear. I’ve seen this man cry more this week than I have the entire almost 18 years we have been together. His love for his little boy is unshakeable, yet his love for his little girl is something completely different but just as powerful. I never thought I’d see my husband take such good care of me or our baby the way he has these last 7 days.

Her very 1st bottle feeding!

In conclusion, never say never. My plans were to work all the way up until March 27th. God’s plans were for me to be done March 3rd. As hard as it is to leave her everyday, I know without a doubt that HIS plans are always perfect!

We finally got to put some clothes on her yesterday!

Teach Him

I get this question all the time, ” What can I do to get my son ready for Kindergarten?” Here are few things that would get him far in life.

* Teach him to sit and listen to stories so he can sit and listen to his teacher

* Teach him nursery rhymes and story songs because research shows that children who know at least 10 nursery rhymes have the phonemic awareness skills to help them be good readers

*Teach him to zip, button, snap and tie so he can gain independence necessary to be successful

* Tell him no, and follow through, so he will learn limits and respect

* Teach him to open a juice pouch, a chip bag, and a water bottle so he can learn to do things without adult assistance all the time

* Teach him to pick out his clothes, choose his snack, choose a book or game so he learns how to make choices later in life

*Teach him manners

* Teach him to color, cut, trace and draw to build the muscles in his little hand to help him be ready to write

* Let him fall down or mess up sometimes. He’ll learn to problem solve and will know that mistakes are our best teaching tools

*Then, after all that, teach him to write his name, count to 20, know his colors and shapes, and some letters and sounds.

*Teach him that you believe in him and show him how proud you are of all of his accomplishments.

* Teach him how to love and forgive even when he doesn’t feel like it.

* Teach him that you will always have time for him and that he is the most important person in your life.

* Teach him that life is like a game and you won’t always win and it’s never always fair.

* Teach him to be humble and giving and to never think of himself as better than anyone else.

* Teach him that choosing friends should not be about the color of your skin or the name brand shoes on your feet.

* Most importantly teach him that us teachers love him and will do anything in our power to help keep him safe and happy. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be here!

💚 Mrs. Jones