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Survival Recap!

It’s been so long. This life i’m living is passing me by like a run away train. Here is just a brief update…

  • I officially finished my first online class on my journey for my bachelor’s degree.
  • I can not, nor will I say that I passed Lit 101 with flying colors because that was not the case at all.
  • Although I can write circles around any random collage student, I did not find any joy in learning the biographies of 25 different poets and authors, as well as matching them with their writings.
  • I will start Music Appreciation tomorrow and I can only hope it is less involved as the previous class.
  • Since my last post, I have lost a very dear friend. He was an amazing man and he will forever be remembered as Big Mike.
  • It is with these days of sadness that are surrounding my loved ones he left behind, that I become even more convinced that I could be an Empath.
  • I wish I could take all the pain and suffering away from those I love.
  • I truly don’t understand how people that don’t have a relationship with Jesus can get through something like this.
  • On a lighter note Piper turned 1 last weekend.
  • There are only 10 more work days till Spring Break 2021!!!

Be Blessed!! Love, LaBranda