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As The World Turns

Good evening WordPress world! You have caught me on a rare Tuesday night. No baseball practice, no school work for me, and Piper went to bed like a sweet sweet princess. So here I sit, having myself some alone time. It allows me to think about the things going on in our world today. Things our children should never have to deal with, and should never have to hear about when they turn on the t.v. or radio. The one pressing on my heart tonight is the Gabby Petito case. Another young soul with her life ahead of her gone too soon.

I’m not super familar with the case, I try not to listen to the news too much because it’s just too depressing these days. The jest of what ive gathered is that she was a victume of domestice violence. Sadly she wasn’t able to break out of her personal hell. I have 3 very close friends that have been in situations like hers. One didn’t make it out either. It haunts me to this day that I could have done more for her than I did. Even if we did live 100s of miles away from each other. Why didn’t I know more about what was going on? Because once the narcassist gets into your brain and heart they brainwash you into beliving that you are worthless.

Photo by Luis Dalvan on Pexels.com

Thankfully my other two friends were able to get out alive. One not without spending two and a half years in prions for taking the fall for crimes he commited just because he made her belive that it was all her fault.

America, we have to do better!! Not only do we have to raise our daughters to know without a doubt their daily worth, we also must teach our sons the vaule of a woman. That a woman is not a door mat to be trampled on and that they would not make it in the world without a good woman by their side. If we teach our sons to love and to not be ashamed to show love, then hopefully part of this lost and dying world can be recaputred for the good in us all.

I close in thoughts of there are not promises of tommorow, I am determined to fall more in love with life. Intentionally romanticising the walks I am on, the birds chirpping, the sound of my children’s laughter. The feeling I get when my husband tells me he loves me at random times of the day. All of it and more. I will take a closer look at the little things that make my heart beat faster. Be Blessed!!