The Best Things in Life are not Things

Good evening to all of my faithful friends in WordPress land! I just wanted to pop on and give a little life update since it’s been an eternity since i’ve been on.

Baseball season is in full swing for Eli and Tj. Eli has been playing on his Junior High and High School baseball team. He has done some amazing things already this season. There was a nice write up about him in the paper. I am going to try and keep all the clippings and start him some sort of scrape book. I’d like to add to it until he graduates in the next three years. I’m oh so proud of all of his accomplishments thus far.

Eli turned 15 on Feb. 16th. It’s so crazy to think about that. I took him to get his driver’s permit and he is taking full advantage of it. Nobody told me how high your insurance went when you added a teenage driver to it!

In addition to attending his games, we have been helping with some area warm up tournaments at the rec park. Yesterday was a super long day that resulted in us not getting home till after midnight. We enjoy spending time with our Ball Park Tribe.

Piper is growing so much! I can’t believe that a week from today she will be a year old. She still isn’t walking but she sure is trying. Im not in any particular hurry to make her do so. lol!

This week is finals week for me. I will be wrapping up my first semester in my UWA online courses. I will be really busy the next few days as I have 2 tests and a paper to write by midnight on Thursday. Im so ready to get literature behind me. I enjoy the writing aspect of it, but now so much all the info ive had to cram into my brain in the last 8 weeks.

I will leave you with some cute updated pics of my pride and joy.

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